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My blog comeback!!!

Hello friends, sorry about my lack of blogging, been soooo busy over the past few months, nah, I’ve just been lazy about it. But here’s to new beginnings!!!

So last time I blogged we had just arrived in Perth, hmmm we’ve been here 7 months now so that really was a long time!!! A lot has happened since then, but I will try to keep this short and sweet!

Cottalsoe Beach
Cottasloe Beach

So we ended up living in the hostel for slightly longer than planned- 3 months! Don’t get me wrong, it was a good hostel, it was fun and there were really great people there but my god, 3 months was waaaay to long for me. We were in a 4 bed dorm room (we couldn’t afford the private room at like $500 per week!!) and after a month hostel living begins to wear you down! No privacy, nowhere to hang or put your clothes (did I mention, I hate living out of my suitcase!), shared bathrooms and showers, queuing in the kitchen to cook in the evenings, and worst of all- NO control of the remote control haha! So after 3 long months we moved out, and into a house with Eugene, he had been living there for a few weeks at this stage… and more on the story of this house later!

So I eventually got a job after 4 long weeks of applying for everything and

Our new apartment!

anything, no one was even responding to my cv so I was getting pretty p*ssed of at that stage! I am now…. wait for it…. a telemarketer!!! Your favourite kind of people, calling a phone near you soon!!! So I’m working for Autotrader/ Just magazines selling private advertising. Yes I get hung up on a lot, or shouted at, or some guy swearing at me, one guy even took it so far that he kept calling my phone back to yell “cu*t” down the phone at me 5 or 6 times- that was a good day! I’ve made some good friends there but I am searching for a new job as I need somewhere that will sponsor me so I can stay here longer! Phil was working in a bar for about a month, owned by my second cousin’s husband!!! But now he is working with Eugene doing something called “piling”- and maybe he will get on this at some stage and explain that cos I’m not going to attempt to!!

So back to the house with Eugene, to cut a long story short, our landlady was mental, she could walk into the house whenever she wanted, she used to live in the house and still had all these weird creepy pics of her kids EVERYWHERE- who does that?!! And, oh yeah, she left her cat in the house when she moved out so that was still there! She wouldn’t let us use the electric heater we bought ( this may surprise you but Perth was cold for a while!) and when we complained it was too cold she eventually gave in and let us turn on the heating in the house for 2 hours every evening. But only one housemate was allowed to touch that button to turn on the heat- enter Uval-a 41 year old Israeli guy who is studying here and enjoys Salsa dancing! So Uval is trustworthy and in charge of the heating. If Uval was ever out of the house and one of us turned on the heating, when he came home he would give out to us for that. Uval is also the type of guy that tells you to turn down the tv at 6 in the evening, and then 2 minutes later he leaves the house for the night anyway, so yeah to sum it up he was a pain.
Kevin, Eugene’s cousin moved in with us then also. Now here’s

Miriam and Cathal’s visit

what happened next, Miriam & Cathal came over to visit and they stayed with us and by the time they had left- we had been evicted!!!! But I won’t blame them! What happened was we had been out drinking all day Sunday, and we came home and decided to carry on drinking in the kitchen. I must make a note here that Phil was in bed asleep as he had work the next morn at 6! So we were chatting, listening to Eugene talking shit, and obviously we were a bit loud cos we were drunk. Uval comes out and tells us to keep the noise down so at this stage I head to bed. So the next morning we are evicted! Uval had complained to the landlady, she comes over and tells us she wants us out, we have a massive argument with her saying that’s not fair, Uval sticks his big nose in saying we are always rude to him because we leave our clean cups and dishes draining on the sink, and we leave our laptops in the sitting room and that somehow prevents him from watching tv, I call Uval a child, he gets angry and that’s the end of that!!!

Myself and Phil were lucky we found a place the next day and its the sweetest deal ever, we live with our landlady, who is really nice and not at all mental, but she works long hours and goes away every weekend Fri-Mon! So we see her maybe once or twice a week and it’s a really nice apartment in a great location!
I’m trying to quickly squeeze the last 7 months into this blog, I went to see

All scrubbed up for Carley’s wedding!

Lady Gaga perform- amazing, we’ve been to the beach a lot (but yes I’m still as white as ever!), we went to Irish day at the races (all lost money!) , did the Fremantle night time prison tour when Miriam and Cathal were over (yes I screamed my head off, a lot) , went to the casino for my birthday (yes we all lost money again!) myself and Phil saw MatchBox twenty perform. We’ve basically just been enjoying ourselves and Perth city. I was at Carley and Debby’s wedding a few weeks ago, and that was amazing, David, Darragh and Rick were over so was great to see them and needless to say a good bit of drinking was done!

So that’s been the last 7 months of our lives squeezed into one blog. Now the countdown is on for Christmas and my return to Ireland wu-hoo, I can’t wait!! 2 and a half years has been way to long to not see my parents and my friends so I’m really looking forward to it! I’m stopping off with Mark in Dubai for a few days on my way home so that will be great too! Unfortunately Phil isn’t coming home for X mas as the flights we so expensive we couldn’t afford for both of us to go home. So Phil is staying in Perth… with Eugene… hmmm should I be worried?? Haha I’m sure they’ll have a great time!!
I promise to keep this blog more up to date from now on and not be so lazy!address>

Until next time 🙂
PS I didn’t want to write this in italics, but my laptop (yes the same one that the ‘t’ button fell off) decided that it had to be in italics and wouldn’t let me change it! #ithinkitstimeforanewlaptop

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