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Guess who’s back?!

Shelly 'working'!
Shelly ‘working’!

I’m back in the blogging world! I’ve been pretty slack with the old blogging the past couple of months so let’s give this another go!!
Firstly, I promised another friend of mine who didn’t get a mention in my last blog (she was SO angry!), that she would get a mention in this one! So here it goes….. SHELLY O’LEARY!!!!! Now, are you happy? Haha Shelly had just left Australia to go home to Ireland when I wrote my last blog, and I think she was upset that my last post wasn’t in honour of her, so Shelly, I dedicate this blog to you! Shelly and I worked together in Just Magazines, and my god did we get each other through some loooooong days (5 hour days but I swear sometimes it felt like a 12 hour day). So thanks Shelly, if it wasn’t for you I don’t know how I would have survived those days of calling ‘no answers’ all day 🙂

So you are probably wondering what the title of my blog is all about, well now that I have a new job and am earning god money, moneybags Keogh is trying to take over my life and spend all my money!!!! Ok so now I need to update you all on the past 4 months… a lot has happened! Myself and Phil went to Sydney for a holiday, I got made redundant (while on that holiday in Sydney), I consequently spent 6 awful weeks searching for employment and watching terrible day time tv, and then I finally found a new job which I am thoroughly enjoying!! Backtrack to Sydney.. We had an amazing time, we were there for Paddys Day – which was great craic! We stayed with Dalton, Cathal and Qualter (thanks again guys) so that was brilliant and they had a great location as well! Sydney is a really nice city and it is massive in comparison to Perth.. returning to Perth after being in Sydney is like heading back to a little country town! Syndey is alive, busy and bustling and there is so much to do. It’s full of sky scrapers, great shops,iconic buildings, nice park areas and of course Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour, which are pretty spectacular. As I said, there is so much to do in Sydney you would never get bored, but you would get poor quite quickly! We saw so much while we were there; the zoo, the wax museum, the aquarium, the top of the sky tower, the Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a dinner cruise on the harbour, not forgetting there was a paddys day sessions squeezed in there and also a few nights out, which were of course quiet, haha..

sydney 037

While there I also got to fulfill one of my life long ambitions… we went to Palm Beach aka HOME AND AWAY!!! And how amazing it was, we rented a car for a few days to head down further south from Sydney, but firstly, we went in the opposite direction and headed for Palm Beach. Needless to say, Phil was dragged there kicking and screaming, but I think he secretly enjoyed it! It was great, the beach where they film is a gorgeous beach but low and behold it was empty, there were no Braxtons catching a surf, and no Romeo running on the beach.. I was devastated and tried to convince myself it was ok ‘at least we saw where they filmed’ I kept telling myself, but who was I kidding, that was never going to be enough. As we wer

e about to leave, we spotted a road behind the surf club and Phil suggested we drive down there, so off we headed, and suddenly who did I see out the window? None other than Alf Stewart!!! I started screaming at Phil to stop the car, but by the time I ran over, he had gone back to filming, but that was ok, at least I had seen him in the flesh! I also got to see Roo, Sally, Maralyn and Harvey.. sadly no Braxtons, maybe next time!

sydney 063

So as I said I got made redundant while in Sydney, actually pretty much straight afer we got off the plane I got the call! what a great start to our holiday! As soon as we got back to Perth, I started job hunting, but my god, it was a slow process. No employers wanted to even give me an interview when they heard what kind of visa I was on. I was applying for anywhere between 5-10 jobs per day and not hearing anything back. I was sick of being stuck at home, and having no money (although I didn’t mind spending Phil’s money!!) and then finally, 6 weeks later I got a job with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) and I started at the end of April and I’m loving it there; it’s really busy and really interesting!

Aside from that, it’s just been the usual, work all week and then we go out some weekends. We went to Cirque du Soleil recently, which was amazing. You wouldn’t even imagine some of the things these people could do! We also went to the Lions warm up game that was in Perth, which was good. Now that I have a good job and am earning the best money I have since we arrived in Australia, moneybags Keogh is really making an appearance, she’s trying to convince me to go to Bali in August… so we’ll see what happens there!!!

Well I can’t really end my blog without mentioning my grandad, who passed away last week. He was 97 years old and all his life he was determined to make it to 100 to get that cheque off the President, but it wasn’t to be. I have no doubt in my mind that I will never know a man like him, he was so strong, so positive, so funny and my god could he tell a story! It was very strange to be over here when it happened because I felt very removed from the whole thing, but thanks to modern technologies I was able to watch his funeral online! Portlaoise church is very advanced and they show their mass online. It was strange but I’m glad I got to see it as now I don’t feel like I missed his funeral completely. So grandad, I’ll miss you, I’ll miss your stories and your jokes, RIP.

Until next time 🙂

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