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Things That Infuriate Me!

Ok, this blog is going to be a little different to my usual posts, as you can tell from the title it’s about things that infuriate me. I sometimes include this as a section in some of my posts but this time, I decided to dedicate a whole entire post to it, yep, so if you don’t want to listen to my complaining – leave now!! Here are the things that have been infuriating me recently, in no particular order, and please, not to be taken too seriously!

1.The world in general: Let me explain this one further. A couple of months ago I

"Hahaha I can't believe people are actually paying money for my selfies"
“Hahaha I can’t believe people are actually paying money for my selfies”

read online that Kim Kardashian’s selfie book became the best-selling book after one week on the market. Firstly, it’s a book of selfies… of Kim Kardashian. Why would anyone buy this when she seems to always be posting selfies, I’m sure you get hundreds for free online. And secondly, how is that even regarded as a book? That is an insult to books all over the world. If there are any people reading this who actually paid money for that “book”, please explain yourself, and if you are my friend and you bought this book, well, this is awkward but I don’t want to be your friend anymore. Seriously, what’s wrong with people, I don’t want to live in a world, no, I can’t live in a world where people pay money for that sh!t !!!

2. The subway: I think I may have mentioned my dislike for the subway in a

"Let me on, I can't wait 3 minutes for the next train"
“Let me on, I can’t wait 3 minutes for the next train”

previous post but it’s really been infuriating me lately. Taking the subway twice a day for the past year has taught me something – I hate people. Everyone on the subway is so rude and pushy, no one stands back to allow people to get off the train before trying to push their way on, I really don’t get it, there’s a train every 3 minutes people so calm the F down!! I really hate when people lean up against you on the subway, ugh, gives me the shudders. Fair enough when it’s crowded it’s bound to happen, but why is there always people who stand to close to others when it’s not even jam-packed?? Every day this week when I’ve got on the subway home from work, the aircon has not been working. It’s like 30 degrees out, it’s super humid, yet there’s so aircon on the subway, it’s been like stepping into an oven. I think the TTC is trying to wipe out the population of Toronto by giving us all a heat stroke.

3. The outrage about Cecil the lion: Before you get your knickers in a twist about this one – read on. I love animals, I’m a huge animal lover and I don’t agree with hunting and killing animals for fun. But reading the comments and posts people have been making online since the lion was killed is ridiculous. Some people are wishing that this dentist who killed the lion will come to the same death as the lion, others are saying he deserves to die for what he did and some are even saying that he should have killed himself rather than the lion, or he should kill himself after what he did to the lion. Whether or not he did actually know that lion was protected and part of a study is besides the point at this stage, telling a man he should kill himself is not okay, and it certainly isn’t helping to make your point about animal cruelty. It’s vile and disgusting actually. And also, take a look around you – there are FAR worse things happening in the world, how about putting your anger to good use and getting out from behind your keyboard, and doing something positive.

4. Slow walkers: This one is a personal pet peeve of mine, my god do slow downloadwalkers annoy me, especially when I get trapped behind a bunch of them and Torontonians, I’ve got to be honest – you people are among the slowest walkers I’ve come across! Everyone in this city walks at a snail’s pace, I’d say slower but I can’t think of anything slower than a snail right now (aside from when you’re in the subway station that is – when you’re down there you’d run over a small child or a granny!). Like I know it’s nice to walk at a leisurely pace and you know, stop and smell the roses, seriously, to stop and smell the roses, you have to get going first 😛 Worse still, when people stop abruptly dead in front of you for no reason, or even worse, to check their phone. I was in the subway station last week on my way to work, rush hour, it’s packed and everyone is in a hurry. You have to go down a stairs and there’s this girl standing on the very top step reading her phone. She was making no attempt to walk down the steps, she was just standing there, oblivious to the obstruction she was causing behind her. Thankfully, an angry lady shouted at her saying “are you f’n serious you’re picking here to stop?”. The girl causing all the trouble clearly hasn’t gotten the hang of how to use a “mobile” phone properly yet god love her :L

5. People who post cryptic attention seeking messages on Facebook: This bugs the 43bec6c103f64803f9f68dbd43c4da79life out of me. Post on Facebook reads “FML worst day ever, I’m so upset and I hate the world” – then come the comments asking “r u ok hun?”, “wht happned”, “OMG hope ur ok” and the person who posted the message responds “just had a bad day” or “I’ll pm you”. AAAAGGGHHHHHH if you’re posting a message on your FACEBOOK about how upset you are, then also include the reason, or else just don’t even bother with the post. Posting a message about how sad you are so you can get likes is really sad….like, really. If you’re a person who does this then I’ve already blocked you from my news feed!

And that’s enough ranting… for now! It’s actually very therapeutic to write down all the things that are bothering you, I might make this a regular thing!

Until next time 🙂

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