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5 Scary Places around the world

It’s Halloween Eve, so why not focus on some of the scariest places around the world! If you’re like me, you love all things scary – would you be brave enough to go to any of these places?

5. The Screaming Tunnel – Niagara Falls, Canada

This seemingly innocent looking tunnel has a grim story attached to it. It’s said that a young girl burned to death in the tunnel while trying to hide from her abusive, alcoholic dad. It’s said he found her in the tunnel and burned her death, her scream rang out through the tunnel in the dead of night, hence giving the tunnel its name. Legend has it if you walk through the tunnel at night, you will hear those screams, and if you light a match in the darkness of the tunnel – you might just catch a glimpse of the girl. This gives me chills just writing the story, would you do it?

4. Leap Castle, Ireland

Ireland was bound to make this list, not just because it’s my home country, but because we have a rich history of ghosts, evil fairies and banshees – it’s not all leprechauns and pots of gold on the Emerald Isle you know!

This castle has been featured on tv shows such as Ghost Hunters and TVs Most Haunted and is known as Ireland’s most haunted castle. According to legend, many a massacre have happened in Leap Castle over the centuries. There is one room known as “The Bloody Chapel” where a priest was slaughtered while he said mass. It’s said his ghost can still be seen in The Bloody Chapel to this day. There’s also a story that is very like the “Red Wedding” episode from Game of Thrones, whereby the O’Carroll family (who owned the house) invited the McMahon clan over for a feast to celebrate victory over a rival clan, but then they poisoned the entire McMahon clan. It’s said the McMahon family still roams the castle looking for revenge.

The castle had many different owners over the centuries, and the current owners restored the castle and still own it to this day. While you can’t stay overnight in the castle, the owners often welcome intrigued tourists and give them private tours of the castle.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m not narrowing it down any further because Edinburgh is full of ghost stories and there are many haunted sites across the city. One such site being the famous Edinburgh castle, which has a vast and troubled history, unlike Leap Castle above. It’s fascinating past includes stories of murder and military fights and a tour of the castle includes a trip to the creepy dungeons.

There are other haunted tours you can do in Edinburgh, some filled with actors who will jump out and scare you, but others, have no actors, and rely on facts from the past to terrify you. One such tour is the walking tour of the underground vaults. I did this tour years ago and it was pretty creepy. The vaults are a series of underground chambers and many people have reported paranormal activity down there. One thing they tell you to look out for down there is cold breath on the back of your neck and whispering in the dark. It was definitely chilling down there.

2. Jailhouse Hostel, Christchurch, New Zealand

We stayed here for a night back in 2011. This is a former prison-turned-hostel! It operated a prison until 1999 and lay empty until 2006 when it was bought by a couple and turned into a hostel. They have the prison theme running through the hostel, and while bright and airy, the rooms are still like an old style prison cell to some extent and it’s somewhat eerie in the middle of the night, in the dark. You will definitely hear some stories that the pace is haunted, and things move by themselves, some also report sighting of a man dressed in a white jacket, but find out for yourself when you stay overnight in prison!

1. Varanasi, India

I’ve written about Varanasi before, so you know it’s a place that I find completing intriguing. I’m putting it on this list, not because it’s necessary “haunted” or that there is paranormal activity there, but it is a place that encompasses death. People literally go there to die, and because of that, you face death at every turn in Varanasi. Bodies are burned along the banks of the Ganges 24 hours a day there, making it a very eery place, especially at night. This eeriness is only increased by the narrow, winding pathways that lead from the burning ghats to the centre of the city. It’s such an unusal and interesting place coming face to face with death in such a way, seeing bodies being burned in front of your eyes, and as it gets dark, there’s definitely a ghostly feel to the city.

If you’re into spooky and scary things, then definitely check out these places!

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