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Review of Monart

Monart is a 5 star Destination Spa located in Enniscorthy in Ireland. Its actually Irelands only 5 star Destination Spa. I recently spent a night there with my sister and mam, a few nights before my wedding and here is my review.

Stepping into Monart is like stepping into a peaceful and tranquil bubble. You leave the outside world behind and let your worries and your stress melt away. It’s easy to see that Monart has been designed with you and your relaxation in mind, and the meticulous design takes everything into consideration. The design concept is curvilinear, reflecting the ancient Irish spiral.

The stunning gardens

Monart is an adult only spa, again reminding you that the whole idea of the place is relaxation. Nestled in over 100 acres of beautiful woodlands, you really feel like you are leaving everything at the door when you check into Monart. Monart has gorgeous accommodation, the three of us shared a big room, with a cute balcony overlooking the lake.

One of my favourite parts of Monart is that you can walk around in your big fluffy robe and slippers for the entirety of your stay if you want, and that’s exactly what we did. The only place you are required to be dressed is if you are eating in the fine dining restaurant (which I highly recommend). Other than that you can roam the grounds, have your breakfast and lunch all in the comfort of your robe. If that isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.

View from our balcony

Monart has a magnificent spa with all the treatments you can dream of. You have access to the spa area once your check in and until 2pm the next day. Myself and Rebec took full advantage of that and really got great use from all of the different offerings available in the spa. There is a circuit consisting of saunas, steam rooms, infrared rooms, and a pool and each one was better than the next. Our personal favorite was the Scandinavian style sauna that was outside, complete with the bucket and chain pulley system shower that launched freezing cold water over your head, it was unbelievably refreshing.

We each had a treatment too, I had the body scrub as I wanted my skin to be in good condition before I got my tan done for the wedding. It was glorious. I left that room feeling like a baby again, my skin was so unbelievably soft. After your treatment they bring you to the dark room where you can sleep or just relax in total darkness and serenity.

Mam & Rebec outside the Old House

When you drive in the gates of Monart down the winding driveway, the first thing you see is this gorgeous Georgian house and it’s spectacular. From the outside it look like Monart is just this gorgeous old house, but they have built the rest of the resort behind the house. I particularly love that they kept the house which dates back to the 18th century. It’s only after you pass through the old house that you enter the new modern space.

One of the beautiful rooms in the Old House where you can read and access WI-FI

The Old House was built in 1740 and they have kept it very well maintained, with each room meticulously decorated and adorned with beautiful antique pieces. You can partake in Afternoon Tea in one of the many beautiful rooms in The Old House. The design, combining the old house with the new elements of Monart fuses traditional and modern perfectly. The Old House is the only area of Monart where you can access WI-FI or where there are newspapers available. Again, leading to the idea that you are there to relax, so leave the world behind and put your phones away. I loved this aspect of Monart and it really added to the serenity of the experience.

All in all, I simply cannot fault any aspect of Monart. The service was fantastic, the food amazing, the wine list extensive, the spa was fabulous and the whole place itself was just the embodiment of relaxation. If you are in need of a night away to unwind and de-stress, then this is the place for you.

5 stars out of 5

Could this place be any prettier?

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