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10 Ways to Propose to your Bridesmaids

In recent years, it seems to becoming more popular for Brides to “propose” to their Bridesmaids so check out my ideas below.

  1. The old fashioned way. This way is easy and stress free, with no pomp and flair. It’s how I asked my Bridesmaids; in person with no extras. For the easy going Bride.
  2. With a personalized bottle of wine. Do your Bridesmaids enjoy wine? Then why not propose to them with a bottle of vino, complete with a proposal label. Buy them here. Irish brides, I’m not forgetting you, if you prefer to Amazon then get your personalized wine here.
  3. A proposal puzzle. This one is for the creative Bride. Do you want to keep your Bridesmaids guessing? Send them a puzzle which they will have to figure out before seeing what the question is. Get your puzzle here. Irish brides can buy from here or from Nicola Lavin, a Galway based blogger here.
  4. Bridesmaid Proposal Box. If you want to go a step further and get them a whole proposal box, then this is for you. Filled with goodies that they’re sure to love, they won’t be able to say no to your big question. If your a crafty bride, you can make them individual boxes yourself. Have a look at this one!
  5. Bride Tribe T-shirts. Ask your girls by presenting them with a cute t-shirt with the question written on it. Buy them here.
  6. Bridesmaid Proposal Brunch. Gather your tribe and bring them out for brunch. You can then pop your question over Mimosas!
  7. Ask them with a card. There are lots of Bridesmaid Proposal cards to chose one, so pick the ones that best suit your girls, and present them with the card! Buy your cards here.
  8. Scratch off cards. These cute cards have the big question hidden, and must be scratched to reveal it. Get them here.
  9. Bridesmaid pyjamas. Present them with a custom pair of Bridesmaid pyjamas. Who doesn’t love getting new PJ’s?! Get them here.
  10. Personalized coffee cup. If your Maids love their coffee, why not get them a nice personalized coffee mug with the big question on it? Buy them here on Amazon or here on

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