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10 Date Night Ideas in Toronto

Ok, you asked for a blog post on Toronto date night ideas, so here it is! Below you will find 10 date night ideas around Toronto ranging from casual and cheap, to fancy and very expensive. Hopefully there’s something for everyone in this. If you have some other great date nights that I missed, let me know!

1.Pub grub & a comedy show $

Comedy club

We did this a couple of months ago and it was a great date night. Head to Yonge & Eglinton and choose from the vast array of bars to grab some quiet drinks and some grub before the show. We went to Prohibition Gastrohouse, which is a great spot serving up some great apps. From Prohibition, Absolute Comedy Club was just as few minutes walk down the street. Tickets were about $20 each and we saw three comedians. We really enjoyed it and highly recommend it for a casual yet fun date night.

2. Canoe $$$$$

Free dessert at Canoe

As noted by the five dollar signs above, this is an expensive date night and I would recommend it for a special occassion; like a big birthday or anniversary. We went here earlier this year to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and our last anniversary before we got married. Canoe is one if those places that you hear so much about, and then worry that’s it’s been over-hyped. I’m glad to report that was not the case! We absolutely loved it, the food was superb and the service was second to none. Their wine choice was fantastic but beware, the cheapest bottle on the menu is around $70-$80. They even gave us a cute free dessert when they heard it was our anniversary. I highly recommend getting there early and having a drink in the bar, where you have beautiful, views of the city. Definitely the perfect date night for a special occasion.

3. Casual dinner & bowling $$

This was our most recent date night, just last night actually and I loved it. This was fully planned by Phil as it was his turn to plan our surprise date night! We live in North York and sometimes get sick of always having date night down town, so this one was in our hood, which I loved! We went to Moxie’s Bar & Grill in Yorkdale mall for dinner, and I have to say their food is fantastic. I had the red Thai curry and Phil had the beef vindaloo. We then walked about 10 minutes to Play Time to do bowling! We hadn’t been bowling together in years, and we had so much fun. It was really a fun date night. Bowling is somewhat expensive for just two people though – about $60 per hour, which does bring up the cost of the night. You could always invite another couple with you and share the cost. They also have arcade games and laser tag there.

4. Constantine restaurant & drinks at Bar Reyna $$$

Duck dinner at Constantine

So this is not exactly fully fledged fancy but it is an expensive night out. We went to Constantine Restaurant for my birthday this year and really enjoyed it, but it is on the pricy side. The cheapest bottle of wine on the menu was $55. However, the food was so good and we loved the overall vibe of the restaurant. Constantine is really close to Yorkville so keep your night going by walking to Bar Reyna after your meal and enjoy some nice cocktails in their all weather outdoor area. You can read my full review of Constantine here.

5. Korean food followed by the Poop Cafe $

If you like Korean food then head to Hangkook Cheese Dakgalbi and enjoy their delicious spicy Dakgalbi. If you’ve never had Dakgalbi then get there immediately, you won’t regret it. Dakgalbi is a traditional Korean chicken dish that is comfort food, perfect for cold winter nights. It’s also fairly cheap so perfect for when you want to go out for dinner but are broke! It’s located on Bloor West, near Bathurst station. After your meal, continue the date by heading to the Poop Cafe, which is just a 5 minute walk from the restaurant and stays open until 11pm. I love the Poop Cafe and have been a couple of times. It’s a hilarious novelty, but also, the desserts are actually really good! So go enjoy some poop shaped dessert after your Dakgalbi!!

Poop Cafe

6. The Rec Room $$

Why not do something different and grab a bite at the Rec Room and then spend the night playing video games, VR games and more. They also have pool, ping pong and shuffleboard if you’re not really into gaming. You can pick up a tag and load it and then play to your hearts content until you run out of money! It’s a fun way to spend a weekend night with your loved one and is opened until 2am on weekends.

7. Mini Putt $$

My first hole in one!

I don’t know about you, but myself and Phil LOVE mini putt! It’s so much fun and the perfect casual date night. Toronto now has the perfect place to go and play mini putt and have some drinks, it opened earlier this year. It’s called Par-Tee Putt and it’s located down town. You can make a whole evening out of it and grab food and drinks there as well as playing mini putt. You can do 9 holes for $15 or 18 holes for $25. Par-Tee Putt is adults only from 4pm onwards which is perfect. We actually haven’t been but we will definitely be having a date night there soon!

8. Rage out $$

This one might seem weird but I also think it sounds like a lot of fun! Maybe you and your partner have had a stressful week at work, and just need to let loose. Why not head to a rage room and smash up shit up?!! Battle Sports actually has a date night package that is $75 for 45 minutes. You and your loved one can get suited up, hook up whatever music your into, and smash the shit out of 28 items for 45 minutes! Forget yoga, the couple who rages together, stays together! They also offer other fun things such as archery, dart of war and archery dodgeball if raging out isn’t your style. There’s also a Fox and Fiddle bar nearby if you need a drink after smashing all that shit up!

9. Antler & drinks $$$$

Cocktails at Antler

If you and your partner are meat eaters, then I highly recommend dining at Antler. The goal of Antler is to serve innovative Canadian cuisine with a focus on wild food. All menu items are forraged and are local. With items such as rabbit ravioli and bison rib eye on the menu, you won’t leave this restaurant dissapointed. We have been twice and are giing again in December because we love it so much. They have a great wine menu, their cocktails are fantastic and the food is amazing. It is more on the expensive side, so this would be for a special occasion date night. Head to The Lockhart afterwards for some Harry Potter themed cocktails. Read my full review of Antler here.

How you will look after trying all these date nights

10. Toronto Food Tour $$$-$$$$$

Do something different and take a food tour with Toronto Food Tours Inc. They operate year round and have 30 different tours ranging from an Old China Food Tour ($89/person) to a Late Night Cocktail & Secret Bar Tour ($149/person). That late night cocktail tour sounds really good, I’m thinking about trying it myself!

Bonus idea: This post is 10 date night ideas but I’m giving you a bonus idea. Head to Coffe Oysters Champagne & be fancy. It’s unbelievably cute in there, the oysters are really good (get the Apple cider vinegar oysters,you won’t regret it) and they have the biggest selection of champagne and sparkling wine across Canada. Don’t forget to ask them about the secret champagne room when you are there- you’re in for a treat!

Coffee Oysters Champagne

Enjoy your next date night:)

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