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Pink Sparkling Float Recipe

This bubbly cocktail is perfect for a treat at home, it can be served as a dessert, or just a cocktail. It would also go down very well with your brunch. Be warned, one will not be enough!


– Your favourite sparkling rosé. I used Trius’ Brute Rosé which is fab. You can buy it here.

– Fruit sorbet. I used Rasbarry flavour.

– Fresh strawberries (or the berry of your choice).

– Granulated sugar for the rim


– Blend some strawberries (3-4) together with a small amount of the bubble to form a thick mix

– Add this mix to the bottom of your cocktail glass. I find this intensifies the flavour throughout the cocktail.

– Add a scoop of your sorbet.

– Add your sparkling rosé on top. Wait for bubbles to settle and add more!

– Place some chopped strawberries on top and enjoy!

Sugar rim:

– Crush a strawberry or two and mix in the granulated sugar

– This sugary rim adds a delicious sweetness to every sip!

Enjoy! Please let me know if you try this cocktail and I’d love to see your creation on Instagram!

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