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Goodfood Review

As I mentioned, I’ve recently been trying some food boxes. I previously did a review of Chef’s Plate so if you want to compare them, you can check that out here.

For Goodfood, I’m signed up for the Classic offering which is 3 recipes for 2 people for a total cost of $66.95. You can choose from a list of about 12 recipes, some have an extra charge per serving, so watch out for that! So far I have received two boxes with three recipes in each.

Portion sizes: I’ve found the portion sizes to be really good with Goodfood. I have found with a couple of the recipes, there is more of some ingredients than others. For example, we had meatballs and string beans and home fries last night and there were just way too many string beans for two people! We haven’t really had leftovers with any of these recipes (although we both have big appetites so maybe others would have leftovers).

Ease of Recipe: I find the recipes have all been very easy. The recipe cards you get are very easy to follow and very detailed. They really walk you through it step by step, so it’s hard to mess up! Some ingredients are in plastic pouches, which seems wasteful but it does look like they try to use recyclable materials where possible.

Hidden Costs: I haven’t seen any hidden costs yet with Goodfood, however, as mentioned above, some of the recipes have an extra charge so beware of that when ordering.

Recipe Choice: I think the recipes they offer are really good, very varied and a good mix of vegetarian options too. I do think the recipe options from Goodfood are more elevated than those offered by Chef’s Plate. They feel like you’re out in a nice restaurant when you’re eating them, whereas I would say the recipes from Chef’s Plate are a little more basic.

Cost: $66.95 is expensive for 3 meals, however, they have all been fantastic. Goodfood seem to often have promotions on, so you can usually save money. I personally will probably only order when there are some savings to be made. Compare 3 recipes to Chef’s Plat, which is $55.94, given that the Goodfood recipes are fancier, I do think it’s better value.

Overall Rating: I give Goodfood 4.5 out of 5.

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