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Questions to Ask Wedding Venues

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and as a result you may forget some important questions when viewing a wedding venue . These questions can help determine if it’s the perfect venue for you!

  • If you’re dead set on a particular date then you’ll firstly have to ensure it’s free.
  • It’s wise to check if they have a “one wedding per day” policy.
  • Lot’s of venues have minimum numbers required which may be a problem for you if you’re planning a more intimate wedding. Top Tip: They are usually more relaxed with minimum numbers on a mid week day or even a Friday.
  • Most venues these days have a wedding coordinator who will be there on the day of the wedding. Our wedding coordinator, Claire at Knockranny was an absolute dream and we couldn’t have planned our big day without her help. Confirm with the venue what the role of the wedding coordinator is and if they will be there on the day to ensure things run smoothly.
  • If you aren’t having a church wedding, then find out if your venue has a license to hold civil ceremonies. Also, don’t forget to ask if there is a fee for the ceremony room, some venues also charge extra for ceremony chairs so be sure to clarify that with them too.
  • Most venues will have a variety of packages on offer, you will probably know which one is for you based on price but be sure to get them to go over the package and everything that’s included.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for extras or to swap things out. Most venues will be as accommodating as possible. For example, our venue wasn’t in either of our hometowns so we were going to be there the night before, the night of and the night after, when they head this they gave us the bridal suite at no cost for the night before the wedding!
  • Ask about a bar extension – very important for an Irish Wedding! You’ll want to know what time the booze stops at!
  • Do they have a PA system for speeches?
  • If the ceremony is at the venue, will there be a PA system for the music or how will you connect your playlist? (If you’re not having live music)
  • Will they give discount pricing for your guests and if so, how many rooms at the discounted price?
  • What shape is the top table, or are there options available? This was a big one for me as I did not want a long rectangular top table, I wanted it to be oval or circular.
  • Ask to view the bridal suite/ the dining room and a guest room while there, along with the gardens and the area where the drinks reception will be.
  • Ask about the menu tasting.
  • If you want to decorate the venue yourself, confirm that with them and ask can you set up the day before. Some venues have different rules on when set up can happen.
  • If you want fireworks, or sparklers etc then be sue to confirm that’s possible with the venue.
  • Do they have gardens where you can have photos taken or an area close by for pictures?
  • Find out what is included for the drinks reception and can you add your own touches. For example, my husband really wanted a whiskey bar so we set that up at the drinks reception.
  • If you want live music at the drinks reception, ask your hotel, they may have a contact depending on what you want. We booked our piano player through the venue and it just took the hassle out of it for us.
  • Can you provide your own bubbles for the drinks reception and the toast? This is definitely worth asking because if you can provide your own, you can save a lot of money. If they say yes, be sure to ask if they charge corkage so you can factor that into your price.
  • Find out the cost of house wine if you are planning to pay for a certain amount. Alternatively, check if you can provide your own wine for the meal. Again, if yes, check about corkage.
  • What time will guests be called for dinner?
  • What time will dinner be served?
  • How long roughly to allow for dinner so you’ve an idea what time music should start?
  • Do they have rules about when speeches should happen?
  • Will they play music during the meal? Can you pick your own music for the meal?
  • If you and your partner and the bridal party are being announced into the dining room, who will do that?
  • How much of a deposit is required?
  • When is the next payment due?
  • When is final payment due?
  • When do they require final numbers?
  • If there are last minute changes to the final number, what is the cost?
  • Is there a secure place to store wedding gifts?
  • If you want to have day 2 celebrations at the venue, ask about the cost.
  • If you are having a table plan made, when will they require that?
  • Do they provide menus? Can you provide your own menus?

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Good luck with your wedding planning. For tips on stressless wedding planning, check out my blog post here.

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