Review of Mixbook

When we got back to Toronto after our wedding and honeymoon, I was experiencing a serious come down. You’re going from this amazing high that you experienced at your wedding, then a fabulous trip and then bam, it’s back to normal life. So I decided to make a photobook of some of our honeymoon pictures, thanks to a recommendation from my friend Kate.

Making the photobook made me focus on our honeymoon again and took my mind off the low I was feeling. Kate recommended Mixbook and I am so glad I used them!

Mixbook was so easy to use, they have so many different templates to choose from, and they make it so easy to upload pictures directly into your Mixbook account from your laptop, or directly from your phone.

You can put your pictures in, move them around, filter them, change the size and then you can add text and fun stickers! I actually went with the “honeymoon” template as I thought it was really cute! They also offer different sized books, from cute small ones to bigger sized ones. Most templates seem to contain 19 pages, and then if you want to add more pages, you pay extra. But I found 19 pages to be loads!

It took me about 2 hours in total to upload the pictures I wanted to use, and make my photobook. You could spend way longer but I knew exactly what I wanted! What I also found great about them was once you sign up, you start getting emails from them with discount codes, which is fantastic! Their prices are really good anyway, and then with a discount code on top, we are talking about a real bargain!

I ordered my photobook on July 18th and it said it would be delivered by August 6th. However I received my photobook way earlier than the due date! I was so excited when I realized it had arrived and I absolutely love it! The quality is great and it looks fantastic. I know I will definitely be looking at this photobook for a long time to come and now, I’m actually considering making some more photobooks of my previous trips!

If you want to encapsulate your travel memories in a gorgeous photobook then head to Mixbook now! Use my referral code to get $20 off your first order!

Rating: 5/5