We just went here in September for my birthday and I LOVED it! The food was spectacular, the cocktails were amazing, and the service excellent.

Located in downtown Toronto, Byblos focuses on Middle Eastern food and has a great atosphere. It has nice dim mood lighting and is very relaxing. We loved everything we had on the menu, and were enjoying the food so much, that I forgot to take pictures!

The menu works as a sharing menu. To start we had the Spanish Octopus and the Turkish Manti Dumplings. I had never had those type of dumplings before and they were fabulous. We then had the Roadted Lamb Shoulder for two, and I don’t think we’ve ever eaten lamb as tender, it melted in the mouth. This was served with mini wraps and an array of sauces which were delicious. As sides we ordered the Green Beans and the Roasted Brussel Sprouts. Again, these were the best brussel sprouts I’ve ever eaten. They had halloumi melted cheese mixed in and tahini and yoghurt and they were to die for!

For desert we got the lemon pavlova which is served in a huge dome that they break opened, the dome itself is quite tart so if you don’t like tart things, this won’t be for you! They have a great wine selection and we had a fabulus bottlle of Chianti, they also have a great cocktail selection. The wines are pricey so if you’re getting a bottle, this will increase the overall cost by quite a bit, but overall, while the prices are certainly not cheap, its well worth it!

They are also opening a second location near Yonge and Eglinton soon!

Rating: 5/5