Esto Es Colombia

This tiny unassuming restaurant is so close to our condo, yet I never knew it existed until about a month ago. Now that I know it’s there, I’m obsessed!

The food is so good and it’s always packed with Colombians, the servers all speak Spanish, it doesnt get more legit than this!

I’ve only eaten lunch there but if that’s anything to go by, then the main courses are also fantastic. Next time, I plan to to there for dinner. From the outside, you may not think much of this place, but dont judge a book by its cover, once it get inside its warm and welcoming and really, it’s all about the food.

The empanadas are so good and they are served with a homemade salsa that has just the right amount of heat to it. The Patacon con Cameron Y Guacamole is friend plantains with shrimp and guacamole. The plantains are served with maybe the greatest guacamole I’ve ever had and the plantains themselves are delicious and crispy. The Colombian pork sausage is also delicious.

Estos Es Colombia has fast become my favourite weekend lunch spot and if yiure in the North York area, it’s a must!

Rating: 5/5