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Applying for PR in Canada: A How To Guide Part 2

Applying for Canadian PR (Express Entry): Part 2

This guide helps you navigate through the next stage of the PR application process - from being in the pool and getting your Invitation to Apply (ITA) to submitting all required documents and getting your Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR)


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2 thoughts on “Applying for PR in Canada: A How To Guide Part 2”

  1. Hi there, hope you and himself are well. Just stumbled across your blog via Facebook and have found it very helpful and interesting. Oh and I’m pretty jealous of your travelling!! Nah, only messing, fair play to you. I wonder if you might be able to give me a tip or two. I am in the process of applying for PR, just about to submit profile. Im wondering how to get around the work thing. Basically 4 out of last 10 years were in College and work since then has been short term contracts etc and not nessesarily in the same type of work. Outside of the 10 year mark, I have over 10 years of full time work! (I went to college as mature student).
    As you have been travelling so much for the last few years, how did you deal with this? Are you using your Canadian work? Any ideas what I could do? Is there opportunity later to write explanation note. So could I put down work outside of 10 year gap and then explain situation when required? Would they take into account the time spent studying? I worked part time while doing that, would that help?

    A lot of questions I know, but basically about the same thing.
    Sorry about the essay :0) If any of the above makes any sort of sense and you might have a few ideas, I would really appreciate it. And really if you dont have any information, no worries what so ever.
    Best of luck to yourself for your own application. Keep going with the blogs, they’re great.


    Ger. F

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