Bucket List

I’ve decided to add a bucket list section to my blog, because, like any avid traveller, I am always planning my next trip, always thinking “where next?”, and, always dreaming of travel. So why not put all my travel and adventure wishes into a bucket list that I can scratch off as I get things done! I encourage everyone whose passionate about travel to make a travel bucket list. And don’t even limit it to travel, put all your dreams in there – that’s what I’ve done! I’m limiting myself to 20 items on my bucket list for now, otherwise it will go on forever. My idea is that as I scratch an item off the list, I replace it with another one!

  1. South Africa
  2. Japan
  3. Brazil
  4. Stay in the ice hotel in Quebec
  5. Do another skydive
  6. Newfoundland – Newfoundland looks, and sounds from everything I’ve heard – amazing and seems to be quite similar to Ireland, both in terms of the landscape and the people. Newfie’s are known to be friendly, welcoming, have a great love of music and us Irish would say, “they look like they’d be good craic”.
  7. Vancouver
  8. Calgary – I don’t just want to go to Calgary, I want to go to Calgary during a very special event – the Stampede! If you don’t know what the Calgary Stampede is, look it up, it looks like the best time ever!
  9. Go skiing – another non travel item here. Myself and Phil have been snowboarding a few times and I’ll be honest, we aren’t getting any better, so next time we hit the slopes, I’m going to try skiing instead!
  10. Jamaica – I have wanted to go to Jamaica since I was first saw “Cool Runnings” as a kid. I was OBSESSED with that movie growing up. I’m not joking, ask my family To do this day I still know all the words off by heart. One of these days I will fulfill my childhood dream.
  11. See the northern lights – You’ll notice I didn’t specify where I want to see the northern lights, that’s because I don’t know. Do I go to Iceland, or Finland? Or travel to northern Canada. I’d probably like travel to Northern Canada to see the northern lights, but, if you’ve seen them, let me know where and how your experience was in the comment section.
  12. Hot Air Balloon
  13. Improve public speaking skills – Something I want to do. I HATE public speaking and I get really nervous if I have to speak in front of a big group. My heart rate goes crazy, my palms sweat and my face goes bright red – eek!
  14. Fly first class once
  15. Go to all 7 continents – 5 down, 2 to go! I don’t think Phil has any interest in Antarctica so I might be doing that one alone lol
  16. Galapogas Islands
  17. Get a dog – we already have one fur baby, our 2-year-old cat and the light of my life – Ruby, next up a little doggie friend for her!
  18. Do another camper van trip – our camper van trip around the south island of New Zealand was one of the most fun things we have ever done and I need to do it again!
  19. Take a photography course
  20. Go to Italy and drink all of the wine
  21. Safari in Africa

I’ll add pics as I scratch some items off my list and add more items!

What’s on your bucket list?

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