Ice Cream Kromask

As a red-head whose hair has been getting consistently darker in recent years, I’m always on the look out for a good product that will help brighten my natural colour and bring back those depths of red I’ve always had, without actually dying it.

If you’re a red-head, then, like me, you’re probably proud of that fact. You’ve probably also lived through a lifetime of comments about your hair (not always nice), but that’s for a different post lol. I love my red hair, so when it started to get increasingly darker, I was upset. I don’t like dying my hair, I’ve only ever died it twice and that was just semi-permanent color and again it was in an effort to brighten my natural colour.

When I went to the hairdresser last year, I spoke to a colour specialist again about putting a colour in my hair to bring out my natural red colour but she advised me not to touch my hair. She said I ran the risk of actually darkening my hair in the process. So I kept looking for products that I could buy off the shelf. And then I came across the Ice Cream Kromask!!


I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and definitely noticing a difference in my hair. I use the intense copper, I did previously try the cherry red but it didn’t have the same brightening effect on my hair. The Kromask is a nourishing colour mask that intensifies and adds depth to your hair colour. It also revives dull hair. My favourite part about the product is that you simply pop it in your damp hair after you’ve washed it, leave it in for 5-10 minutes and then wash it out and condition your hair as normal.

I don’t use the product every time I wash my hair, I’ve been using it every second time and in a couple more weeks I’ll probably reduce that back to every third time. I have notice that the product makes my hair feel slightly wiry which is why I dont use it every time I wash my hair. I would also recommend that you condition your hair really well when using this product.


One of the best parts about this product is that its available at Shoppers for $16.99 and a bottle of it will last you a long time.





After Kromask for 3 weeks

Tip: The mask stains your skin so ensure you wear plastic gloves when putting it in and have a towel wrapped around your shoulders to protect clothes/skin.

Rating: 4.5/5