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Time to say goodbye to Australia

Hello everyone, I’m doing pretty well with the blog this time, only been a month since my last post! So, firstly I should let you all know that I’ve decided to add a new section to my blog called “What infuriates me”. I got this idea from The Footy Show (rugby league) believe it or not. I know most people will be like WTF Rachel like rugby league?!! But calm down, I don’t like rugby league but strangely enough I love the rugby league footy show!! Anywho, there’s a segment on it where Big Marn talks about what infuriates him and I love it so I thought I would incorporate it to my blog, as many things infuriate me!! More on that later…!

So, what’s being going on in my life lately you ask, well, the answer is not a lot! Myself and Phil got the bad news that we have to leave

A reminder of our trip to home and away!
A reminder of our trip to home and away!

Australia in November a couple of weeks ago. Up until that point we were hoping that we would be able to stay. We met with a migration agent to see what our options were and basically our only hope was if my job sponsored me… so I asked them and swiftly was told no, and that was the end of that! It’s unfortunate as we are really happy here, both enjoying our jobs and both of us wanted to stay, but it wasn’t to be 🙁 So to soften the pain of being kicked out of Australia, we decided that we will go travelling for 5 weeks on the way home!!! The plan is to go to Bali, the Gili Islands, Sri Lanka, and then India for 3 weeks, so we are pretty excited about that and will hopefully be booking our flights this week!!Wuhooooooooo! Then it’s back to the misery of Ireland haha I joke, it will be good to be home and see everyone, and of course we will be home for Christmas so that’s great. I am however, very worried that it’s going to be near on impossible to find work at home, but we’ll wait and see. We are going to apply for visas for Canada in January so fingers crossed we get those, and if that works out, well then we will be beginning a new adventure next year!!

Myself and Rick!
Myself and Rick!

We have been keeping quiet since we found out that we will be leaving, as we need to buckle down, tighten the purse strings and save hard for the next few months! I was out last week for Rick’s last night before he headed north to do his regional work, we went to the casino and it’s safe to say I paid the price the next day with a hangover that kept me stuck to my bed until 4pm, I swear I’m getting too old for that craic! I cannot mix drinks even a tiny bit anymore, it’s a sad state of affairs! I remember back in my hay day when I was young and spritely, I could drink everything and anything and I would be fine the next day, these days if I even smell a drink my head is like a construction site the next day! The joys of ageing!A reminder of our trip to home and away!

So let’s start with things that infuriate me, I did touch on this in one of my previous blogs when I had a rant about screaming kids sitting near me on long haul flight – a subject I feel very strongly about! So this week the number one thing that infuriates me is bus drivers. What is their problem?! You know when you’re running for the bus, as fast as you possibly can in your pencil skirt and heels, and you’re thinking you’re going to make it, you’re just about there, about to place your foot on the step, and the bus driver looks at you, slams the door in your face and drives away?? Like WHAT THE HELL??? The driver clearly saw you but he nonetheless decides to humiliate you at the last possible second. I swear it’s a game they play, just to amuse themselves. IT’S SO INFURIATING!!!
The second thing that infuriates me lately is charging my phone. I understand phones need to be charged, that’s fine, what infuriates me is that these “smart phones” need to be charged every day, or even twice a day sometimes. I really hate when I’m about to get into bed and I go to plug my phone in and then all of a sudden, it dawns on me – my charger is in the sitting room from when I was charging it for the first time that day, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I don’t want to walk back to the sitting room to get the charger, it’s SO FAR (not really but I’m lazy). If my phone was so “smart” it would go and get the bloody charger for me. Now that REALLY infuriates me!

In other news the episode of Home and Away that we saw being filmed was on tv during the week, that was not as exciting as I thought it

would be! I also feel I have to share with you the fact that I was in the gym this morning at 9.20 am, yes you read correctly, Philip Skelly is

The budgie!
The budgie!

doing his best to put an end to me sleeping in until 11am on a Sunday, and I’m afraid to say, I think he’s succeeding. I shall have to put a stop to that craziness though…! A strange thing happened a couple of weeks ago in our apartment, Phil came home from work and headed off to the gym, and when he came back, there was a budgie in our house – cage and all! When I came home I didn’t know what was going on when I was greeted my chirping as I came in the door, anyways it turns out our landlady was minding him for a friend. He stayed with us for the week, and let me you, budgies are loud, very very loud, all he did was make noise but we discovered that if you covered his cage with a towel he thought it was night-time and went to sleep. So that’s what we did! That’s about it from me I think, I’ll probably do one more blog before we leave Oz for our travels, or maybe I won’t who knows!

Until next time 🙂


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